Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Drifting AlongTtoday!!!

I started off today with great plans but ended up drifting from one thing to another!
The reason being this little fellow below. This is my 4th child (3rd son) when he came into the world 28 years ago and again as a 4 year old!
He is also the father of our next grandchild who will be here sometime in the next 24 hours. he was due on the 13/09 but mum has developed pre-eclampsia and was hospitalised and an induction started this afternoon! And I cannot settle into doing anything for too long because I am waiting,
waiting, waiting!!
Meanwhile back to what I have been busy with up until this morning!!
Well, I have been very busy in the old house this week - still sorting through the boxes of stuff that have been left there as storage by all 7 of us in this family.
I have managed to (with the help of our daughter) to also wash walls and ceilings in 2 rooms
and painted one. Still a way to go but slow and steady wins in the end!!
I have also been in the garden planting, planting, planting!!
and mulching, mulching, mulching!!

And because the shrubs and plants have been mostly tube stock size you really cannot see them!!lol
BUT I can see where the mulching has been done. The little green specks in the mulch
are the plants!!! And the mulch is soy bean pods which I haven't tried before
so we will see how good they are as a mulch!
Su until my awaited phone call..... and I do believe I have a bottle of Johnny Walker I will have to open when the little one arrives - his daddy gave it to me for xmas 8 years ago for xmas but I am only allowed to open it when his first child is born!! Black Label Johnny Walker at that!!


  1. I can understand why you can't settle.. Hope the wee has arrived by now...

  2. Hope he or she arrives soon!


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