Sunday, 11 August 2013


The day dawned with a heavy fog and a frost but developed into a beautiful
warm day. We had out breakfast at beautiful coffee shop at the Watson shops
(if you are in Canberra check it out).
We spent 2 hours at the Craft & Quilt fair - we did a lot of looking but very little
buying. I did pick up a few business cars and we did make a couple of purchases -
for our craft group - which means we will get to use them also.
We stopped at The Dog On The Tuckerbox for a break on our way to
Wagga this afternoon. 

Tonight we are staying at the Beach Caravan Park, Wagga.
We have a lovely cabin overlooking the Murrumbidgee River.

The photo below is taken halfway down to the water edge, looking back up to the
cabin - the caravan park was flooded in March 2012.

And the following photo is looking down to the waters edge from the same position.
The amount of water that must have come down the Murrumbidgee to flood
the town must have been phenomenal.
Above are two brooches that I bought for myself at the Which Craft
and Coffee Shop in Murrumburrah on Friday.
I will start to share photos of our purchases through the week.
Time to get some shut eye in readiness for another shopping
day in Wagga tomorrow (but I am spending someone else's money which is always good!!!)


  1. what a wonderful time you are having,safe travels.xx

  2. Great to hear you are having a good road trip, with lots of looking even if not buying much. That is fun in itself.
    Always amazes me to see where flood waters came to - so hard to imagine the sheer volume of water.
    Travel safely.

  3. Looks like you're having a fabulous time with lots of lovely things to see!

  4. Wow! Look how high that riverbank is.


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