Thursday, 3 January 2013


Well 2013 is off to a good start - my second blog post this week and I actually started and finished a long term project that should have been a short term project!! You see I have had these bridge chairs for quite some time 14 years the one I worked on today. Mid last year a friend pulled them apart and fixed them up for me. Of course i was going to cover them asap. Hmmmm..... well the asap began today.

Fed up with doing everything that should be done and not doing anything i feel like doing i went into town with trusty Lincraft Gift Voucher (xmas present) in hand to look for some fabric to cover these chairs.

Started on the back first up.

Decided to add some more padding and then a final cover of wadding (pretty much lumpy and worn out after all the years of use it had before it came to me)

Ready to put the back of the cover on and then onto the chair. Wrong..... I found out the hard way that it had to go onto the chair first!! Oh well ... just pulled out some of the side staples, put it on the chair, put on the screws and restapled the fabric into place.

I had some observers whilst doing all this - typical male no help offered just watched and slept! This is meggsy - the last of the litter that our Bobtail cat had. he is staying!

And this is Bobby Girl (Meggsy's mum), she just watched and slept too!
Now I am aching all over and my shoulders and wrist are becoming stiff (because it is many years since I was a contortionist which I remembered you had to be to recover furniture!!). BUT I am very very happy with the end result.

Now to do the other 2 chairs - I the same patterm fabric but 1 is black and the other is taupe. I will be getting another metre of each cvolour as I have decided that these are going to be our dining table chairs so I need 6!

This blogger is off to bed after a Kahlua and Coke ( I have earnt it today!!).

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