Monday, 31 December 2012

To Review Or Not To Review

Do I really want to review this past year. I already know that I have done very little craft (certainly haven't finished anything for family or myself); I have spent hours in the yard and garden and cannot see much difference; that I finished a chapter in my life more completely than I had planned (which has eventually been the right thing to do); have taken two 2day trips away (nowhere near long enough) and generally have done much the same day in and day out.

Up side to the gardening is that we are eating a reasonable amount of homegrown.
 The new garden bed is completed and the cactii and succulents are starting to grow. It will look nice in about 6 months.

Swan family on one of our 2 day away trips - this was at Jerilderie - I had seen lots of full grown swans but not a complete brand new family.

UFO's - I have a heap. And they are still UFO's

I am beginning to think I might have to make a couple of new year resolutions - 1 being to finish at least 3 UFO's in 2013!!!

An up to 2012 has been the time I have spent with my grand daughter helping her with he plabt propogation for her market stall - she is only 8yrs old!

I also attended a number of shows in the Riverina and judged at 3. I love Ag Shows and what they represent to the towns! Always enjoy these days

We attended 2 family wedding which were lovely. I particularly loved the wedding of my cousins daughter. The ceremony and reception were held on their property at Colo vale - a beautiful setting and fun times with my family members!

A wonderful event in March this year was the birth of grand child No 10. Ruben came into the world at 9lb 1oz (don't know the metric). he is a beautiful healthy 9 months old now.

March also saw the floods in the Riverina. This was what part of our property looked like. we were very fortunate to be on high ground. There are still many people in yenda and yoogali who are not back in their home yet.

On the Wee Jasper road from Yass you cross the upper Murrumbidgee. This is on the way to where our son and family live. This was in October and is above Burrinjuck dam. Currently there is no water in this section at all. Such a spectacular area to drive through - the scenery is breathtaking.... as are the roads!!!

I added to my UFO pile ..... I started to make christmas banners for gifts - didn't get them finished iether. Maybe in 2013

I am a Santa collector - These are just 3 of probably about 50 that I have - some are handmade as in the photo and some are shop bought.

rather than make New Year Resolutions for 2013 I am going to have a try to list as follows: I am going to try to finish half of the UFO's I have stockpiled; I am going to try to save enough to have a really good 2 week holiday this year; I am going to keep on my road to improving my health with better eating and more gentle exercise; I am going to try to break the habit of being there constantly for my family and have time for myself to follow through on some of my long buried dreams and goals; I have already started to slow my life down so I will try to do that even more; AND I am going to try to make at least 2 blog posts every week during 2013!!!.

This Sunflower is one of 12 I have in amongst other plants in one of our garden beds - my 20yr old son couldn't resist giving them all faces - this one just called to me.

To each and everyone of my family, friends and bolg followers I wish for you a healthy, happy 2013 with many, many, many good things coming your way!!

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