Friday, 25 January 2013

Dry Effects

I have been taking a walk late in the day around the garden the last few days but it hasn't been uplifting like it usually is. The recent weeks of 39 - 47 deg heat have taken their toll. Even though we have been soaking the beds and containers every second day it is no combatant to the heat and the hot winds.

the top photo shows one of my tomato bushes just 3 weeks ago and the bottom photo was taken yesterday evening. Dried leaves and stems and sunburnt tomatoes.
In the next lot of photos the top 2 are of a shrub planted 3 months ago - the wind and sun once again taking their toll; and the garden bed it is in (this was soaked for 4 hours 2 days ago). It is due to be mulched again but what mulch was there has been blown away by the wind.

 As usual the weeds and burs are thriving. I have a lovely lot of shrubs in the form of Bathurst Burs, and beautiful ground covers in the form of 'cats eyes' (3 pronged jacks). I haven't sprayed for about 2 weeks which has given them time to come through the ground and take over!! Not for long - a predicted drop in temps over the next few days so 'Sir Roundup' and' Lord Shovel' will be working long hours getting rid of them all!!!

From the disheartening to the uplifting - surprise in the mail this week - lovely labels from Cheryl at I was one of four lucky recipients of these in a recent giveaway on Cheryl's blog. Thank you so much Cheryl!! I have already earmarked them for several Opams this year!!

That is about it for today. Busy weekend in the garden and crafting. Hope you all have a fabulous Australia day weekend!!


  1. Hi there, thanks for the comment on my blog... came for a return visit.... it has been so hot... sad to see the plants... we are having some light rain but I hope that extropicalcyclone will give us a good dollop soon... pretty labels...

  2. oh thats all heartbreaking seeing your plants like that,hope you get rain soon.xx

  3. Chez is such a clever generous person and you will love her swaps,you have a lovely blog i am now a anonymous follower,have a great weekend.xx

  4. Thank you for visiting my blog. We are now getting lots of rain in SE Queensland. We have green grass again already. It bounces back so quickly, thank goodness. Hope you get some too.


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