Friday, 18 January 2013


We have had some special visitors here this past week. A pair of Major Mitchells graced us with their company for a few hours last Saturday evening. You can see one on the power lines and one on top of the pine tree below the single power line.

It is a few years since I have seen these birds - the last time it was out in the dry area, where they are more common. This pair were very quiet and very close to our house.

They were actually checking us out very closely. one even got a bit cheeky and hung upside down for a few seconds (flew to its mate just as I had the camera focused on it! 

After about 15 minutes they flew off in the direction of the hay shed. I do hope they stay around for a while. They are very uncommon in the irrigation area these days!

Two of our grandchildren came back with us from Wee jasper last week. This is the first time they have actually been away from mum and dad for more than just a couple of days.
Lachlan is 9yrs old (nearly 10 he says - in April) and had come in from helping pa-pa out in the lucerne paddock. he had been at it for a few hours and was tired and thirsty.

And Abbey is 7yrs 6mths (she tells me). Here she is helping me to make rissoles for dinner one evening. They have had a great time down here visiting their cousin, aunties and uncles, and their great grandmother.

I am going to miss their company when they go home on Monday (mum and dad are travelling down here at the moment); but i will enjoy the quiet and the good nights sleep!! they both toss and turn, talk and walk in their sleep. i had forgotten how children this age constantly bicker (the air around each one is theirs and theirs alone !!1.... ah yes i remember now!!
The heat has come back with a vengeance again the last 2 days but a drop in temp for the weekend which will be most welcome.
Have a great weekend and I hope you are safe from the awful fires that are springing up all over the country. have just heard that one fire in NSW has had light rain falling directly over it.Hopefully some of the other fires do to!

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  1. It must be wonderful having all that help at your place ... AND you will miss them when they go home.
    Lovely post... :)


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