Wednesday, 16 January 2013


Last Thursday we did a trip to Sydney (6.5hrs) for a specialist appointment for my husband. On our way back we stayrd overnight at our sons on the Wee Jasper road from Yass. You might remember in September last year I posted photos of the Murrumbidgee above the Burrinjuck, well it is a completely different picture now. This is the view from the Wee Jasper side of the bridge over the Murrumbidgee in September

and this is the view now 4 months later

i do wonder how that much water can just dissappear in such a short time. Even so it is still a spectacular drive scenery wise.

Of course last week was when the Cobbler Rd fire was in full blaze. Our son was one of the many fire fighters who battled and patrolled this fire. Fortunately it was fairly wll under control by the time we arrived. We were expecting a lot of smoke the closer we got to Yass but it was hardly noticeable. What we were expecting was a very red sunrise due to the smoke and that we seen at Temora - it was magnificent.

Now there is a fire tearing through the Warrumbungles - we have had a shed fire and that was frightening enough - to be caught up in escaping or fighting these bushfires is something I cannot imagine. I feel for the people who have lost their homes, memories and livelihoods, who would be so grateful to have been able to walk out alive. So devestating. And our volunteer fire fighters are our true aussie heroes. But for how long can they keep going. With over 140 fires being fought and monitored last week and something like 100 this week it is surely taking a toll on the RFS volunteers and all their reserves and supplies. My thoughts and prayers are with them all.

My next post will touch on some happier things (my swap in the 2013 Valentine Swap and our two grandchildren staying with us).

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