Saturday, 2 February 2013


For the first time in 33 years we are back to just 'Darby & Joan'!!!!!! And how good is it to just have 2 people in the house to cook and clean for!! Well.... 2 human people that is..... must not forget Milly (miniature fox terrier), Bobby Girl (mother bobtail cat), Meggsie (Bobby's son - 3mths) and Daisy (2mths, new kitten - friend for meggsie) - but a pat and some food and I have 4 great companions day and night!

This week I have finished and posted the Valentines Initial Swap that I am taking part in. It is being run by Cheryl over at - I was soooooo NOT happy posting this to the other side of the country yesterday!!! I wanted it for myself!!lol. Here is a sneak preview..

Now onto the coming week. I have lots planned...

Starting the winter vegie planting...

more lawns to mow....... not so hard with my faithful self propelled mower

finishing more UFOs...... one cushion is ready to be made up, the other ready to start embroidering....

thought I would share a photo or two of the excess garden produce that my 8 year old grand daughter is going to sell for pocket money... Egg Plants - don't know why we planted these as no one in the family eats them!!!

 And capsicums coming out of our ears!!! freezing some of these.........

The BIG plan for the week....... getting this end of our back room cleared out to convert into my sewing room!!!!!!! lots to do here.... a wall to go in, cupboards and book shelves to be measured and converted into a wall of cupboards, flooring to be organised and the list goes on . But it will be good to have one room with all of my sewing and craft things together!!!

What are you planning for this coming week???? Anything as interesting as a new sewing room??

Have a great weekend.


  1. What an interesting post... lots of FuN things! I enjoyed your company last night... and I'm sure your recipient will LoVe her gift just as much as you did making it! :)

  2. Yes the recipient will love it when it arrives...Loved the sneak peek..
    Kerri your card arrived today but I am still waiting for the parcel. Hopefully it arrives Monday..
    Also you haven't given me an e-mail address...

    1. Hi Marie - email addy is: I have just sent you an email. At least the card has arrived - hopefully the parcel will be there on monday. cheers Kerrie

  3. Ha, no one eats eggplant at our house either. Love your lot of capsicums, we haven't had much luck with ours, they seem to ball and drop early, perhaps too wet/dry weather lately?


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