Friday, 7 September 2012

SPRING... is here...
I am back on board after 3 weeks of the dreaded flu plus a gastric virus with it during the last week. And there I was thinking how good it was that I hadn't had any of the virus' doing the rounds in town!!! One should never get to cocky!!

This is the first sign that spring isn't far away in these parts - the wattle trees start to bloom, this one is in my back garden and has been blooming like this for over a month - this photo doesn't do it justice at all.

Our Mulberry Tree is coming alive - it would be about 60 yrs old - it was here for many years before we bought the property - busy watering it so it fruits up really well ....mmmmmmmm.. mulbery jam and pies, fresh mulberries, purple stained mouths and fingers and clothes!!

This week I have been busy pulling out, planting and pruning!! Lettuce, Broccoli, Blueberry bush, Bay tree, Strawberries are just some of what has gone in. Heaps more to go when I have finished preparing all the beds - some new and some refurbished.

After of 6 years of waiting this pile of rubbish was removed from my garden into the paddock next to it (because it is easier to access with the ute than the garde!). And it only took him haf an hour!. I have now finished planting trees in that bed and mulched it!

The front garden (all trees and shrubs - some newly planted, some have been in for a couple of years) with the large bales of straw waiting to be spread as mulch.
This is one of my favourite bushes in the garden - the native Emu bush - it is about to get a big trim as it has fallen flat!
A whole days work to get this garden bed cleaned up and planted! The roses are about a third of the size thahey were before I attacked them but you couldsn't see them because of the WEEDS!!!. More dirt brought in to top up the bed, and some geraniums and petunias planted also. Plus some sunflower seeds at the back. Still have to remove the rubbish and weeds that was pulled out - tomorrow will do for that job. 
One pile of pruning from one part of the garden. Most of the rose clippings were bagged up and sent into my daughters 2 pet goats - special treat as they do love them so!!

The extent of my crafting over the last 3 weeks - washed and dries wheat to remove dust etc and started making heat packs for my market stall.
In my spare time this week I have been busy taking photos of my market stall products for a SPRING FLING market sale tonight on facebook. I sell Outback Pampering products as well as my craft and have 2 facebook pages. Products from both are all in the sale and if you are interested you can find the album on

That is it for this week. I am looking forward to attending the Ariah Park Show on Sunday where I will be judging handcrafts. I love going to small Ag Shows. The communities always pull together and make a wonderful event. I will be sure to take lots of photos and be back with a report on Sunday night!

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