Tuesday, 11 September 2012


Today is a glorious spring day here, one that just draws you outside to get your hands dirty in the garden!! But as is normal with our springs the weather can revert to winter with frost overnight. This I am keeping in mind when I look at the produce photos from the Ariah Park Show.
There were eggs and aggs and more eggs - I was gobsmacked at the number of entries. There are generally half a dozen entries, especially at a small town show but the exhibitors outdid themselves on sunday.

Just a selection of the egg entries .... all colours and all sizes (makes me green with envy and I want to go out and buy a heap of chooks of all different breed - we cannot have poultry because of quarantine rules at the poultry farm my husband works at.

below is a sample of the citrus entries -

 And yes the yellow fingers are a citrus fruit - Buddhas Fingers or fist I bam led to believe!!

The quality of the horticulture entries are usually amazing even though the town is a Dry Area agricultural town

Although probably not as many entries as I have seen previously at this show what was there was outstanding

This arrangement took my eye

And the children's entries as usual were fantastic - the kids just excel with their imaginations and ability!!

An arrangement in an egg cup...

Well that is it for today... thinking I might go outside for an couple of hours - my grand daughter is coming out to pot some more cuttings for her soon to be market stall (we have 5shopping bags of geranium, pelargonium and lavender cuttings .......I am thinking that I might be lucky and get some for my own garden!!!

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