Monday, 10 September 2012


Spent all of yesterday at the Ariah Park Centenary Show. As I was judging 2 sections in the pavilion I had to be over there by 9am - so it was an early rise for myself and fellow judges - we were travelling together.
It was the Centenary Show and the community supported it really well. The pavilion was choc -a-block full of exhibits.
One of sections I was judging was the recycled items section which I sharing the photos of today.

The iconic aussie hat made from old tin - I suspect it would probably be a bit hot to wear!! And the Steel Bra.... well that would probably be as comfortable as the old time chastity belt was but it is a good talking point and brought a lot of comments and giggles!!

There were several classes in this section - Metal, wood and plastic. The emu was a favourite as well as the redgum coffee table. The 2 stools were made from half a trye topped with a wood.

Wire flowers would look great in my garden, and the wine cabinet was superb!! The cabinet in the lower photo was the champion exhibit - the doors on the stove fron actually opened into the cabinet. The stove was restored superbly.

A simple recycling effort - chair on wheels and old chairs painted up with a timer attached as time out chairs (plus a message telling the time outer to think about what they and do and mum loves them. 

A metal butterfly for your garden and although not in the competition the outside wood heater took my eye also - it was set up near the bbq area for the night show.

Just incase you really like these items here thay are again (and because my blog is playing up and I cannot remove it or delete it!!)  I have heaps more photos of the show which I will share with you in following blogs.
We had our lunch in the luncheon pavilion and it was superb - a plate with 3 meets and salad and no room to fit any more; and caramel tart and cream - country cooks are the best!!!

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