Tuesday, 18 September 2012

I Can I Can I Can

Being Tuesday today it was grand son day - 6 months and 4 days old today also!!! So he had something to show ma-ma!!

I can turn over all by myself - and i don't have to stay on my back for anything...nappy changes are an exercise of agility on my behalf now (and let me tell you my agility is not like it was 30 years ago when his daddy was 6 months old). Ruben is also teething - swollen bottom gum, dribbling and runny nose that only a tap can stop.
So looks like the 6th month of our little man's life is going to be a milestone month - he also said 'bub bub' twice today!!

coming from large families has it's good points......and it's bad points. Sometimes you just have to share......especially when it is wet!!

Today was a micold and wet day here. Lady (blue kelpie), Libby(black lab) and Dougal (who knows what breed but we guess lab x kelpie - no relation to Lady and Libby) - would have been inside in front of the fire I think if they could have gotten through the door.

In this box at our front door, sheltered from the rain and wind they remained for duration of the rain!!

Today was a day of relaxation and enjoyment topped by our baby and out pets!!

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