Friday, 7 September 2012

Little Entrepreneur!!!!

i have also been busy every afternoon this week with my 8yr old granddaughter potting up cuttings for her market stall.

karah just loves helping set up at markets and of course checking out all the other stalls!!! She wants to buy a motor bike and a pool but has to save the money herself.... Soooooo...... ma-ma offered to help her get a plant stall going so she can earn some money too.
The two photos are a sample of our toils every afternoon after school. She managed to get over 100 succulents and geranium cuttings potted. This afternoon because it was too windy we went into her nanny's (great grandmother) and collected some ore empty pots and 4 shopping bags of cuttings!!!!!! guess we will be going potty all this week too!!
Of course she expects them to be ready to sell next week also. Life is a learning curve and a slow one at that sometimes!! 6 weeks and she has it marked on her calendar already!!

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