Wednesday, 12 September 2012


For those of us who enter our produce, craftwork, cooking and hobbies in our local ag shows we know that we get satisfaction of some sort from doing so. It could be because we are supporting our show (there is no pavilion to look through if exhibitors don't enter); the satisfaction of seeing our items on display for the public; receiving the compliments and lovely comments (and that is nice) or just having a prizecard or ribbon that says our work was really good.

Food Product sections not only show the talents of the owners but you so often hear the viewers commenting that they could do that or should have made their surplus fruit into jam etc etc.

Exhibiting can also be educational - this section being a weed section - and yes the exhibitors have been known to nurture a 'weed' to win the first prize!!!! - but it does show the variety of weeds in particular areas and both adults and children both learn what is a weed or isn't from these exhibits!!

Cookery is an often hotly contested section - A Champion ribbon in this section is indeed an honour - and yes many of the country's best cooks are members of the CWA!!!

And our menfolk are just as competitive - entering their fleeces, hay and grain. The look of pride when they see a prize card on their exhibit is priceless - and many a thorough inspection and discussion evolves with their own dissection of what they think is a good or bad exhibit.

Craft sections show a divers range of crafts being executed within the communities. The bag below is a junior exhibitors entry and I loved it.

This beautiful hand felted piece is actually a over skirt to wear over legging - it was a stunning piece of work!

crochet and knitting sections are always quite large - these are two all time favourite crafts that have never really died but are currently in strong revival mode (which we see happen with many 'forgotten crafts')

your local Show really is a 'window' on your local community. have you ever entered your local show. Do you get a lot of satisfaction from doing so? Prizemoney really has no bearing as the cost of making our entries and entering them is never recouped.
If you heven't entered anything in your local show... why not?
I would love to hear your thoughts on this.

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