Thursday, 3 September 2015

Pincushions, Pincushions and More Pincushions!!!

Pincushions Galore!! I am linking up with IDA'S 'PERFECTLY PLEASING PINCUSHION PARADE' - to show off my pincushion collection!
I made this pincushion for myself about 10 years ago - it was a workshop that the craft group I belonged to ran.

This one is one of my favourites - my closest friend of 39 years made it for me about 12 months ago. It is weighted and holds 'oh so many pins' - great beside the sewing machine - can poke the pins in without looking!!

This little one took my fancy at a school fete a couple of years ago.

I have had this one for nearly 20 years now - it is nice and stable and goes well in the lounge room with the other wood furniture!!

One of my little pincushions that lives in one of my sewing baskets and does a bit of travelling.

Another special one - a felted ball with butterflies and flower felted in. Another gift from my closest friend - she brought it back from one of her trips to America!

This is my own creation and it lives in another sewing basket! I made the felt by hand and then embroidered it.

This little handbag I bought for myself - it just took my fancy when in Canberra one visit - plenty of room for lots of pins!!

3 Little Cupcakes. Karah my grand daughter made the two on the outside and I made the one in the middle - I will NOT be making anymore - too damn fiddly and time consuming!! Karah had fun making them with her best friend!!

Another of my favourites is this one that was a swap gift. A 'Skinny Pinny' - made from flannel and beautifully embroidered - it lives in my big sewing basket and also does a bit of travelling!!

And this one was another whimsical buy - a teapot that the lid lifts up and there is room to store your needle thread and little scissors!!
I think that will do for this linky party!!! I have made a lot more pincushions that I have given away and I know there are several more that I use - can't think where they are - probably nesting with one of the many UFO's I have!!!
NOW......... off you go over to My Sister Made Me Do It - Ida's blog and check out the links to some lovely pincushion parades!!


  1. Oh WOW ! Sew many gorgeous pincushions... I my favorite is the handbag....

  2. I love the handbag one too, but they all made me smile!

  3. I loved this prickly post! I've recently been admiring and pinning pincushions on my Pinterest board. You have quite a collection, each one so beautiful and full of sentimental memories for you. I have one pincushion given to me by my sister when we were teenagers. It's a standard pincushion that you see everywhere, the silk China men sitting around the cushion. This winter I want to make a few more as my family gets angry when I stick the pins in the arm of the living room chair!

  4. Your pincushions are just charming. I would have a hard time picking a favorite. The embroidery work on some of them is so beautiful.

  5. Kerrie, what a beautiful display! I'm not sure which is my favorite...they are all so gorgeous....but, ok.......I think maybe I am partial to that teapot! Thanks for joining the parade and thanks, also, for spreading the word for me! Good Luck friend.

  6. You have a lovely collection of pin cushions, Kerrie.

  7. Wow - what a great collection! I'd have a hard time choosing a favorite. I think I need to make a small one to go traveling with me!

  8. Oh my gosh, these are so adorable Kerrie, one right after another! Love the embroidered touches!

  9. Your pincushions are all lovely. Thanks for sharing them with us. I don't know which one I like the best, they are all perfect!

  10. Oh my! Pin cushion heaven does exist! They are all so lovely particularly the tea pot. I have all mine displayed on a tray. One can never have enough. Thanks fir sharing yours.

  11. Wow!!!! What an amazing collection!! Some beautiful examples of pin cushions at your Ondrea I like the tea pot and many others!!! Thanks for sharing.

  12. Such a lovely collection
    Some to nice to use Great to see them

  13. A beautiful collection - thank you for sharing. xx

  14. You have some delightful pin cushions. Isn't it funny how we can't find them when we want them but they are oh-so-useful?!

  15. What a lovely display of pincushions. I love the teapot


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