Tuesday, 1 September 2015


This past month has been very quiet on all fronts. I am still down with the flu - although I am feeling much better than I was 3 weeks ago - hopefully on the mend and full of energy again very shortly.
Vegie garden is still producing even without being attended to.

Karah and her friend Lily had a cooking day over the weekend. It is good to sit back and let them go now that they are at an age that they know what they are doing!

This little munchkin turned 2 on Saturday - where has that time gone.

Ollie loves spending time here at the farm - follows Pa-pa around helping feed the animals and gets up close and personal!

Not much sewing being done - this has been sitting on the dining room table like this for 3 weeks now - all plans of having the little rectangles sewn on and the final borders attached went out the window when I went down with this stupid virus thing. Hopefully I can get back into it this week.

I have managed to do one secret sewing project - all hand sewing whilst sitting beside the fire. That's is the sum total of my doing anything more than the usual day to day things for the month of august!! Hopefully have much to show over the next month!!


  1. Hi Kerrie i hope you feel better soon,this flu knocked me around for 4 weeks in the end i had to go to the Drs to get antibiotics. Lots of lovely happy family pics,i love it to when my grandies come to bake too,yes the years are flying by,hope you have a lovely day my friend and that you will get better soon xx

  2. Take care of yourself and get better soon. That photo of Ollie driving the car is so cute!! I love the sneak peek of your daisy project, and the idea of sewing by the fire sounds like the perfect thing to do.

  3. That's a long time to be with the flu, and I hope it disappears completely for you soon ... although being forced to sit by the fire for some sewing doesn't sound like a bad alternative ;) Good for Karah and her friend for taking over some cooking! My daughter is not much interested in any of that, but my son enjoys baking along with me at times (always such a crazy fun time in the kitchen then). Take care Kerrie, and get all the rest you can. That quilt looks very cheerful!

  4. You poor love! Me thinketh thou needs lotza TLC , mega doses vit C and rest. I do hope you recover soon. Stitching can wait although you probably get frustrated not doing much. Take care. Many angel hugs.

  5. So sorry to hear you are still down with this virus :( They seem to really latch on and take forever to leave these days That quilt is lovely and it will be even more so when you are energized enough to finish it ♥ Take care and get well.


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