Monday, 14 September 2015


I spent the past weekend in with some of the most creative, funny and beautiful people I have had the pleasure of meeting. It was the the weekend of the Bathurst Bloggers Meet and Aussie Bloggers came from all over NSW and even one from Brisbane!!
I left home on Friday morning at 9am this was my view for the next 5 hours!
If I looked sideways this was my view  - bright yellow Canola crops everywhere.(interspersed with wheat/barley/oats crops). The wet winter is showing in the quality of the crops.
Make, Bake or Fake Swap presents at the top. And look at all the 'foils'!! Little lucky ticket gifts brought along by those attending!
And onto one of the highlights of the weekend - the Make, Bake or fake Swap!!
Lots of oohing and aahing over during the opening of the swap gifts!
Here is Suze with her Sewing Folder!

Sonia & Janice after opening their awesome presents!

Simone & Dory with their surprises.
Cheryl & Peg with a cute pattern and lovely fabric

Dale (had to take a photo of the coat hanger by itself because it was all blury in the first photo!!)

Fiona - ecstatic with her hand knitted socks!

Sweet Georgina with her surprise!

Googy with a her beautiful coat hanger & Jan with a lovely cushion and bag - you will have to excuse the photo bomber (being Kate the self appointed 'official photographer!!)

Self appointed official photographer opening her swap present - being a photo bomber earned her the privilege of a screwed up face on my post!! lol

Kylie with her sweet bunny pin cushhion

Lea with a beautiful heat pack and Julie with fabric and cards!
And after all of these photos I realised I haven't taken a photo of my swap present - a job for tomorrow and I will include with the next lot of photos!!!
The weekend went way too fast - although I probably couldn't have eaten anymore food or drank anymore coffee, tea or wine - but I could have had a few more days of the wonderful company and belly laughs that filled the weekend.
I will be back tomorrow with more photos of a fantastic weekend!!



  1. A fun weekend for you all. Hugs,xx

  2. good morning kerrie,thankyou for sharing some of the fun you had on the weekend,these girls are amazing and lots of fun,i love this swap ,we do it when we go to Nundle as well,cant wait to see what you got Kerrie.xx

  3. You always have the best blogger meet-ups!! Everyone looks like they're enjoying their surprises and each other's company. That's a long drive for you!! I'm glad it was a worthwhile and safe journey ;)

  4. How fun to get together with fellow crafters! Lovely photos!

  5. Sounds like a wonderful weekend.

  6. woohoo - well done on capturing it all!!!

  7. Good to see you managed to get away and have so much fun. Pity there is so much canola everywhere, so toxic to our health and most GM too. Lovely pics of everyone and geaps of girgeous generous gifts. Looove that bunny, very clever idea.

  8. We really did have the best time and it was so good to meet you in person .. Love all the photos 💗💖💚

  9. Oh my goodness sew many beautiful swap gifts for all you lovely ladies.....

  10. we had some of the gorgeous canola crops along the way all your pics...............we definitely drank and eat to much........but it was good.........

  11. What's doing with picking on Kate????? Lol
    Lucky I have broad shoulders and a good therapist...Get rid of the screwed up face Kate photo! How am I supposed to find the new Mr Kate if you are posting pics of me looking like that? Ha Ha
    Thanks again for your gorgeous company, it really was a great weekend xx
    P S I must get a post up this weekend!!!!

  12. Just checked out your posts from your Bathurst retreat. Sounds like you had a wonderful time.


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