Tuesday, 22 September 2015


It is done - the Nature's Journey SAL - so pleased to finally have it all together. Not sure if I am going to add an orange 2" border yet. I am very happy with the finished top - in the photo it is pinned to the lounge room curtains - think I might let it spend today there so I can keep looking vat it!!
Last Saturday we drove to Coonabarabran to take Karah to meet her father and poppy. We left late Friday afternoon and travelled to Forbes, stayed overnight and continued to Coonabarabran on Saturday morning. We had time to fill in when we arrived so we went for a walk and checked out the shopping centre, bought some lunch and then waited at the visitors centre.  Karah amused herself by climbing the tree and keeping watch up the main street for them to come!
On our walk we followed the signs down an alleyway and met these fellows on the way! Karah gets embarrassed because I strike up conversations with anyone in shops - luckily for her I didn't with these two!!

Even found a fabric shop!!
Back home again by Saturday night, a good nights sleep and I was up and at 'em on Sunday. I picked mum up for the day and Ollie came for the day also. here they are talking to the horses in the front paddock (83yrs and 2yrs) - I don't know who was leading who astray!!

That's it for this post. I have also been busy outside in the garden - up until today that is - damned freezing cold wind so it is an inside day - just what I needed to start doing some sorting and tidying up!!


  1. No wonder you want to look at your beautiful quilt all day; it is lovely, Kerrie. How lovely to go on a long drive with Karah and discover all those wonderful shops along the way.

  2. LOVE the NJ! Congratulations on finishing it!

  3. WOW! A beautiful finish. Clever you. Looks wonderful. That town reminds me of Lill in The Sullivans..she was from there lol. Funny the useless info I remember. You sound like me talking to people everywhere. Better than talking to ourselves lol.

  4. Good on you. It looks fabulous. That was quite a drive you had over the weekend.

  5. Hi Kerrie,your quilt top looks awesome,well done my friend,you are so clever and i love the pic of Karah in the tree,enjoy your evening my friend xx

  6. Your NJ flimsy looks fabulous.......I think it's a good idea to keep it up for awhile after all the work..
    You have been busy with the family.
    Love the photo of your Mum and the little one visiting the horse..

  7. The quilt is lovely
    Loved all the photos

  8. Your quilt looks wonderful, Kerrie. Well done!

  9. Kerrie that is such a precious pic of your Mum with Ollie... so gorgeous!
    And well done on your NJ achievement - I've been watching it come along & wow there's so much work, I hope you are proud of your efforts... will you quilt it yourself?

  10. The NJ quilt is gorgeous! Love the colours throughout and the individual blocks. You've certainly worked hard on this, and I too would have it hanging up to admire for a little while. Cute shots of your family, Karah high up and Ollie with your Mom. The horses all look pleased with the attention too. Just read your previous post of your blogging meet-up and just love that all of you gals get together for a few days of sewing fun and friendship. I love all the candid shots of your blogging friends and your captions ;) Have a great weekend Kerrie!


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