Thursday, 17 September 2015


Here is my third and final instalment for my weekend away at the Bathurst Blog meet.
There was much work being done all weekend along with the food, laughter and fun!!

Georgina, Dory and Kylie checking out our 'special gift' - Annies specially designed sewing accessory set!

I have no idea what Dory was doing - 'praying' for something maybe! but the other girls are all busy doing their stitching!!

View on the other side of the tables.

And the hand stitchers table!

Jan taking a break and Simone hard at it.

Mixing it and moving around the tables!

Deep in discussion - don't know if the problem was solved or maybe it was an earth shattering discovery - anything can come out of a Bathurst Bloggers meet!!!

Diddles and Chooky having their own little party!!

Tables covered with creative projects

Cheryl hard at it

Dory is up off the floor now and has that machine on flat out!

Lea busy stitching on her Nature's Journey SAL
Now I am home back to the usual 'grind' and missing the laughs and company of all of these lovely ladies. Waiting for next years meet up now!!


  1. The photos are great Kerrie.....must admit to it being hard to settle into any proper work this week

  2. Diddles and I had a great party going on seeing all the pics...............

  3. More lovely pics. I think you are trying to make us jealous!

  4. We all look so busy LOL it was a fabulous weekend and so good to meet you in person 💖💚

  5. You took some great photos over the weekend. Thanks for sharing. It was good to see you again.

  6. Oh it looks like everyone was having a great time :) I need to join a group that gets together like that ♥

  7. Hi Kerrie thanks for sharing such a fun time away ,lots of fun pics ,great to see everyone having fun xx

  8. Such a smile on my face as I read your report... love it.


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