Monday, 25 August 2014


Although I have been busy coping with Karah and how she is coping with losing her mum I have managed to squeeze in a little time for myself.
A couple of posts back I showed you the needle book I received in the Little needle Book Swap. Now that my recipient has received her needle book I can show you what I made for her.
With the needle book I also made a skinny pincushion and a covered notebook. 
the inside of the needle book with some little extras.

Last week our CWA Group, Murrumbidgee - Lachlan held our Cultural, Agricultural & Environment day. One of the competition son the day was an in group one which required us to make a Xmas placemat. these are the entries - I am thinking Karah and her friends would love making these!!
On Saturday just past I went to the Ganmain Show. In the morning I judged the preserves, pickles and jams. I love checking out all of the entries in the pavilion. So I took photos of a few of my favourite things. Above are some of the fruit and vegie Animals that the children have created.

Children's entries are my favourite sections in any show. They are so creative and free in their thinking!! Something I haven't seen before in my 20 years of involvement with shows are these fabulous little Nature Creatures.

These arrangements were in the floral art section - I am such a sucker for recycled art work.

And these Rusty wire art pieces were in the craft section - I am thinking I might have to go out and check out that unauthorised rubbish tip behind the sheds (my husband and his father are klepto's of anything old to do with farming) - I am sure I can create heaps of Rusty old farm crap artworks for my garden!!!!


  1. The needle book is so cute.....Great craft displays.....must have been fun judging...

  2. Such a fun post - filled with creativity from you and many others. I LOVE that you made a skinny pinnie to go along with the pretty needle book and other accessories. Your partner must be thrilled!

  3. What creativity at the show, love the little fruit creatures. Lovely swap gifts, especially the skinny pincushion.
    Have fun creating something from the junk pile.

    Happy days.

  4. I love the gifts you sent for the swap. Your partner was spoilt. Aren't country shows the best. I wish they had sections like that when I was a kid, but I did enjoy entering the needlework section back then. You'll have to put you creative thinking cap on and come up with a great recycled art project for next year.

  5. Lovely swap gifts you made Kerrie.

  6. Your needle case "set" is wonderful. Love the initial on the front too! :)

  7. Hi Kerrie love the needle book ,you have sent a lovely parcel ,i love going to the shows and seeing all the plants,cakes and sewing displays,enjoy your day my friend.xx

  8. Gorgeous swap gift Kerrie, aren't shows just the most inspiring places..I just love them.

  9. Love the needlebook and accessories and the food pictures too, but this made my day "I am sure I can create heaps of Rusty old farm crap artworks for my garden!!!!" LOL...still smiling over that one...can't wait for those pictures :) xx debbie


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