Monday, 11 August 2014


Way back in June I received my CHRISTMAS IN JULY SWAP present - because it had 'DO NOT OPEN UNTIL 25TH JULY' a person within my home that particular day hid it because - get this- Kerrie can't help herself, she will open it so I am going to hide it!!! Hmph. Next thing I know I receive a lovely email from CHERYL asking if I had received my parcel - swap maker was becoming worried it had been lost in the mail. that triggered a niggling thought in the back of my mind so of I went on a search of the cupboards. guess what I found tucked in behind a pile in the linen cupboard!!!
Now, when this lovely friend would put her Christmas decorations and hand towels on her blog I often thought 'I wonder if I will be lucky enough to receive one of Shez' sets in a swap one day!!' And my day had come.
A fresh and bright hand towel, a sweet little snowman decoration and a beautiful wall hanging. Now how lucky am I. And thank you, thank you sweet Shez - I love them and so happy I am now the owner of a Shez Xmas Trio!!!!
I have been swamped by little people this weekend. yesterday I had Oliver, Abbey & Lachlan (grandies) plus Tyrelle, Bryson & percy (great nephews) visiting. So I did what ant grandmother/great aunty would do took lots of photos!
Lachlan busy making his own vegie patch; Abbey mixing up a concoction of who knows what and Karah swinging up and down the pole (old overhead tank stands make great cubbies with a little bit of imagination!)

Abbey and Karah climbing and posing.

Abbey, Karah & Tyrelle; abbey, Karah, Tyrelle and Bryson; Abbey, Karah, Tyrelle, Bryson, Percy & Ollie. The hay was a favourite as was the tractor. My great nephews have spent a lot of time in shearings sheds as their dad is a shearer so that was of no interest but the tractors, trucks and bales of hay they haven't been around so they were very interesting.
This afternoon Karah had a craft afternoon with 3 friends (plus a little brother). Between running around outside playing with the dogs, patting the horses and cuddling the rabbits, this is what they made - flower brooches.
Big and bold. They finished the afternoon off with a motorbike ride. Tonight we had dinner with mum - spoilt with silverside, white sauce and vegies - although we cook the silverside meal the same way mine does not taste as good as mums - maybe it is because it has been cooked for me.
That wraps up my weekend. Back into the school routine tomorrow for us here. I have completed 3 lots of swap presents but I cannot show you yet as there recipients haven't received them. This week I am hoping to be able to do some sewing for myself - it is on the agenda anyway.
Have a great week everyone!!
PS: My spell check isn't working in blogger - there will probably be a mistake or two even though I have read it through twice!


  1. Hi Kerrie so glad you like your parcel,and its great seeing the kids all having fun,especially Karah,sending loving hugs my friend.xx

  2. Your gifts from Shez are just lovely, Kerrie. Looks like you've had a busy weekend. The kids did a wonderful hob of their flowers. Have a great week. Hugs, Christine

  3. The pics are great memories aren't they.... can never have too many... and we love to see and share in them too!
    Keep 'em coming :)

  4. Gorgeous swap presents!! How lovely to have all those little ones having fun round about your home! There is nothing quite like the happy sounds of children's chatter. Those flower brooches are very cool!

  5. Hi Kerrie, lovely photos on your blog this morning, and beautiful swap presents from Shez. I tried to send you an email this morning but it bounced back. I wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU for my beautiful Chrismas in July gifts. I apologise as I had not checked my mail for a few days, but they were there waiting me, and I love them, beautiful work, thank you so much, and for your kindness and generosity in participating under your difficult and sad circumstances. Thank you again, they were very much appreciated and will definitely be coming out each Christmas and Christmas in July to decorate my home. Take care Kerrie. Warmest regards Tania xx


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