Thursday, 4 September 2014


Hard to believe 1 year has gone by. This little man is the happiest little fellow on this earth. Oliver turned 1 last Friday. Here he is on his birthday with his great nan (my mum).
Same little boy a few days later having afternoon tea with myself and mum - he has found that 4 teeth are very handy to gnaw his way through a whole biscuit and then spend the next few minutes moving it around his mouth until it is mushy enough to follow - and he pulls faces and smiles at the same time!! Such a clever little fellow!!
That mouth is chocablock full!!

Karah had cooking night earlier in the week - an orange cake for pa-pa. It was very moist and orangey and didn't he get miffed when he came home and found several slices had been eaten - apparently mum and I weren't supposed to have any for afternoon tea - his granddaughter cooked it for him!!
And me - well I have been cooking the usual meals for everyone, spent a few mornings in the vegie garden prepping the beds and containers for new sowings (digging, composting and mulching).  Karah has her own beds ready to go and I will have mine - of course the MOTH will refer to it all as his vegie garden - suppose he does cart the manure and mulch across to the garden!! And he did spray all the weeds for us!
I finished some secret sewing which I will show you when it arrives at it's destination. I have completed 14 pillowslips for our local hospital and made several plastic bag holders for Karah's little market stall - have to transfer the photos to the computer yet.
All from me today - the very best wishes for a wonderful weekend to each and every one of my followers!!!


  1. Hi Mel what a lovely pic of your little man with your mum and how cheeky does he look with his mouthful and smiling away,and wow that cake that Karah baked looks awesome i can see why your hubby didnt want to share,lol,you have a great weekend also my friend.xx

  2. Such a amazing photo of cute Oliver with his great Nan. And the cheeky one with his mooch full of bikkie. Love them
    Karah's Orange Cake does look delicious..
    Both Karah and your garden will have lots of yummy summer vegie growing in the beds, oh sorry and DH...
    you are a wonder with all you are doing and still getting some sitting done.
    Have a fun weekend.


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