Thursday, 14 August 2014

Swaps Completed

Now that I know they have been received I can show you what swap gifts I have completed and posted off myself!!! And yes I was very late with them but my recipients were very understanding and were happy to wait.
For the beautiful Shez, dedicated creative lady extraordinaire from I made this Block Keeper.
Some of the embroidery and the beading on the basket was done while I was sitting beside Naomi while she was in hospital - kept my mind occupied for a few hours each day. 

When I started this I wasn't terribly happy with it but by the time I finished it I was very happy with it - so much so that I think I will definitely make another one for myself!!
On to the second swap gifts for the lovely Tania whose blog is 
A Star door hanger, an Angel tree ornament and a Santa & Tree table topper.

designing and making these was actually therapeutic and got me out of the no sew doldrums.
A big thankyou to the swap mumma's - Maree (Let's Stitch Together) and Cheryll (Christmas in July) for their fabulous organising again.


  1. Hi Kerrie i am so rapt with my block keeper thankyou so very much and the beading is exquisite,i am very lucky to have received this and i can see why you want to make one for yourself,hope you have a lovely evening my friend.xx

  2. You stitched and make beautiful swap gifts Kerrie.

  3. Just came from Shez's blog and saw you lovely block holder........and I can see by the comment Shez made she was thrilled...and I am sur Tania was over the moon just like Shez.....and as for me with my win.....all I can say is lucky me....LOL

  4. Love that block keeper and the other gifts are lovely too
    Well done

  5. All the gifts you have made are lovely Kerrie. I especially love that little angel.


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