Saturday, 9 August 2014


Next swap I received was this beautiful Block Keeper from the lovely Terri who was my 'maker' swap partner in the Let's Stitch Together swapping group organised by the beautiful Maree.
Terri's beautiful Block keeper came along during some of my dark times in June - it was so lovely to have such a 'pick me up' on that day. I love the effect of the variegated thread that Terri has used on the embroidery - I have lots of variegated threads and never think to get them out and use them - I must remedy that situation very soon!!

Two handy pockets on one side and the block protection flaps on the other. I have never had a block keeper before  (only plastic bags!!!) so I am very happy to have this. I love the colours Terri has used and I was also lucky enough to receive two beautiful threads in the pocket!!!
THANKYOU so much Terri - I have been very spoilt yet again!!!


  1. Wow....yeap you were spoilt it was a great swap...

  2. Such a lovely block keeper. What a clever idea to keep one's block in this 'pretty' much spiffier than plastic bags! The variegated thread is lovely. Thinking of you...take care lovely lady!

  3. What a pretty and functional block keeper. I've not heard of block keepers before (I don't do a lot of quilting), but what a great idea! Love the embroidered work on the front. Hope you are doing well Kerrie. Take care, Wendy x

  4. Terri has made you a lovely block keeper, Kerrie. I love varigated thread too. It gives your stitching a lovely look. Hugs, Christine xx

  5. Good to see you back and love that the swap gifts have brightened your day xx

  6. Just perfect! EnJoY adding your blocks... :)

  7. Great score girl!! That was very nice of Terri to think
    of such a lovely gift.
    Cheers, Anita.

  8. Hi Kerrie,Terri has sent you a wonderful block keeper,enjoy using it,these swaps are so much fun,hope you have a lovely weekend my friend,xx


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