Friday, 24 January 2014


It's raining , it's pouring, the old man is snoring..... well no he isn't snoring but it is raining - heavy, soaking rain - ahhhh heaven!!!
See the water lying on the driveway...... and pouring off the roof......

and grey across the front paddock

and big puddles pooling around the yard........

rain for as far as we can see!!!
A beautiful 20 deg here this morning with a lovely cool breeze....... how lucky are we. A short lived reprieve for southern NSW and Victoria - the weather report says we are going back up to the early 40's by Wednesday next week - oh well we will deal with that when it comes - going to enjoy what we have here today. My one wish is that this rain is falling in the severely drought affected central west and north west NSW and up into QLD but unfortunately the rain map says that it isn't - such a diverse country that we live in.
On a brighter note, remember to visit VICKIE tomorrow for the fabulous
there are 500+ bloggers joining in this year - days and days of bloggy goodness to visit!!!
This girl is off now to pack her bag for a trip to Bateman's Bay - leaving after lunch - I am taking mum down for her sister's 90th Birthday Bash!!! How good is that - 90yrs!!!! They have an older sister who is 96yrs - I think I had better start looking after myself better than I am at the moment - after all I want to be a feisty, fun loving gadabout if the family genes bless me with 90 years of life!!


  1. What a nice drop of rain. Sad if it isn't going to the much needed ares .
    We are also having a nice cool change but no rain sadly. Could do with a top up in the rain water tanks..
    Have a lovely day with you elderly Aunt . wow they are all doing well. How old. Is you Mum?

    1. Hi Maria - Mum is 82 in March, the youngest in the family is 76 and the only remaining brother is 89 in May. The 3 brothers between mum and the remaining uncle have all passed on. And we have had 50mm (2") - so very very fortunate.

  2. have fun Kerrie and yes good to have some rain.xx

  3. Loving your rainy pictures ... happy that someone is getting rain and hoping our turn is very soon :-)

  4. Its just starting to rain here....bring it on..

  5. Hope your mum's sister has a great birthday and yes, how good is that 90 years.
    Have a fun ttrip.
    Cheers, Anita.

  6. glad you got some rain........all signs of it is probably gone by now sadly................


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