Monday, 20 January 2014


After a week of 43 - 47 degree days today reached 37 which was just lovely. It is just amazing how much difference 8degrees can make and we are still in the high 30's.  Tonight is even better - I have turned the air cons off and there is a nice cool breeze coming through the windows!!
Yesterday Karah went home. Her mum drove from casino on Thursday night, spent 3 hours in Coonabarabran in the early hours of the morning because she couldn't find a service station open (she won't let her fuel tank get below half full again I bet!!). She arrived here at lunch time on Friday and decided to stay until Saturday and get a good nights sleep (which I was very relieved about).
Abbey was so bored with being inside she started making things from paper and cardboard tubes. Somehow Ziggy garnered her attention and he ended up with a patty paper hat!!lol!! He was not impressed!
Today we actually did something constructive - Greg & Isaac brought this kitchen hutch over from the old house (it has been in storage on one of the verandas). I have very little cupboard space and was getting sick and tired of moving things whenever I wanted to cook. Abbey and I spent a couple of hours scrubbing it clean. That dark stain was from a bottle of Port that leaked. I have a collection of ports and they were stored in the hutch! Now I am one less.
It was mostly dust that was quite thick and took a lot of concentration to clean off!!!

And this is after it has been cleaned and filled up - the mixmaster shape is empty because it was waiting on the bench to make cakes after we finished!!
Proof that we finished the hutch - Abbey's Choc Chip muffins - or what is left of them after afternoon tea - they did go down well with a cup of coffee!
Whilst we were cleaning, Lachlan was busy outside - I now have pathways through one of my garden beds (he decided I needed them as I have a seat set up in the bed). Ummm.... he informed me he pulled out a few dead plants (which were only small and badly burnt from the heat and hot wind). he didn't understand that they have a second chance until the end of autumn and if they haven't come back to life then I pull them out - they were dead to him!! he then moved onto mowing lawns (thank you Lachy) - pretty straight forward that was so no lost plants etc!!
After a busy day it was homemade pizzas for tea. So how was your weekend??


  1. Oh I love those kitchen hutch's!!! They have such a charm to them and they are very handy.
    Love the cakes, you deserved them after all that hard work. 8 degrees can make so much difference
    weatherwise!!! Hope it stays the cooler temps for you for ages!!!
    Cheers, Anita.

  2. Everyone is busy at your place ......the food looks great and 8 degrees....

  3. That patch of land you showed is how my yard is looking these days too. The pizza looks delicious! I would love to make some too, but can't bear to turn the oven on in this heat. xx debbie


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