Thursday, 2 January 2014


I am not one to make New Years resolutions but I have made an exception this year. This year I am going to adopt an attitude of DETERMINATION -  to finish all the things that I have started and are still only half done.
First up is my sewing/craft room. So on New Years day we emptied that end of the back room and started laying floor covering!!
It would help and be a lot easier if the vinyl hadn't stretched along the edges!!
More underlay to go down and more book cases being undercoated!
And this is the jumble at the other end of the back room - another clean out is coming up - but not until I finish the sewing room end!!
And this is success!!!! I was determined to keep my grand daughters frangipani cuttings alive - and I have - and these are the first flowers!!!
And today I had a relaxing lunch with Simone - who was travelling back to her home in Forbes from Balranald and called in on her way - I only added an hour to her trip!!lol It was great catching up with you Simone. And of course my friend Dorothy came along also! I hope you got home OK Simone and didn't get lost - I sent Simone on a different track to what she was used to travelling!!
We have a couple of cool days here and now I have the sound of raindrops on the roof (it has tried a couple of times today) - this could be promising!! It has been a bit steamy today especially when the sun was trying to poke through the clouds so maybe that will mean some good rain!!
That is it for me today - back to the painting and floor covering laying!!
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  1. Looking forward to seeing your sewing room finished! Happy New Year.

  2. I have the same problem with lots of projects with just a little bit to finish them off. It never gets done!


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