Saturday, 11 January 2014


There has been painting, painting and more painting here this week. The vinyl has settled a bit and with a trim is fairly flat and has been tacked down around the edges. One cupboard and five sets of shelves are all in different stages of being painted - cleaned, sanded, undercoated and painted.
I haven't got quite as far with my sewing room as planned but that is okay because my time has been taken up with these little tackers. Karah at the back has been here for a week, and Ryan & Shanti are here for the night as their mum is at the hospital with their little brother who is not well.
So we have been cooking, and watching dvd's and playing footy outside and eating and drinking and everything else that goes with having grandies stay with you!! So the sewing room is on hold for a couple of days and cooking, and playing, and gardening is in!!!


  1. You can do the sewing room anytime. Enjoy those Granndies....
    Why do boys always have to stick their tongue out and put up the fingers??? LOL

  2. Sounds as if you have had a great time with the grandies, the painting schedule looks as if you have it under control.

  3. Definitely the Grandies come first. When they are home will be time to get back to the sewing room. Hope the younger brother is feeling ok today.

  4. Lucky you to have your grandies around....great progress...

  5. Cute photo of your grandkids, have fun!!

  6. Sounds like you are having a great time with your grandies, hope the unwell one is doing ok. Your sewing room will look great once you get back to it.


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