Thursday, 16 January 2014

TIME WITH THE GRANDIES!!.. and other things

Photos of our week so far....
Abbey - 8yrs

Karah - 9yrs

Lachlan - 10yrs - trying to convince me he didn't want his photo taken - or looking guilty because he was sprung with my water bottle!!
Of course we had to pick the week when the temps have been in the mid 40's and by lunchtime it is too hot outside - I have been lucky as there haven't been many squabbles. Lots of DVDs, a trip to the cinema to watch Frozen with their 'favourite' uncle - especially when he takes them to the movies!!; shopping trips to nice cool shopping complexes and so on.
Sometimes big brothers are handy to have around.
An hour in the sun keeping these at the shed/yards - they had disappeared for 3 days (probably in the neighbours grape vines!!) and made the mistake of coming back to the grain shed for a look around. They are now back in their yard with all gates and fences secure and their feed trough overflowing!!
Abbey & Karah have been busy making Rainbow Bracelets - I bought them a kit each and extra packets of rubber bands and they have amused themselves for hours!! And everyone (male and female) who they see has been given their very own Rainbow Bracelet also!!
And for me their has been a couple of rewards for being referee, entertainer, rescuer (pulling kids out of silo bins) cranky ma-ma (after kids have disappeared and have not told me where they are going)!! 
Finally a pink Frangipani Flower - just one more to flower no - hopefully it is an apricot colour!!

And instead of sewing I have been buying - but no fabric and only because our local patchwork shop is closing down. DMC threads were 50 cents each!!! The scissors were reduced from $40 to $20 a pair (and how I need a good pair of sewing scissors!!) - everything was drastically reduced so I was actually saving money!!
That is our week so far - more hot days coming but the temps will drop back to mid 30's over the weekend so we may get a lot more time to be outside!! otherwise we will be inside crafting, cooking and watching DVDs!! How has your week been??


  1. You are in for the GYB party!

  2. lovely photos...fantastic bracelets, great bargins

  3. Sounds like you are keeping your Grandies very busy and happy, even through that hot weather. Love their rainbow bracelets. A good lot of bargains - thats a lot of DMCs.
    Enjoy the cooler days.

  4. Sounds like fun with the kids even though the weather is super hot.
    Love the bracelets and that everyone got one!!! lol Sounds like you
    did the right thing in 'saving' money when the craft shop closed down.
    I do things like that.
    Cheers, Anita.


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