Saturday, 18 May 2013

The Start Of A Masterpiece

Today there was no housework, no yard work, no sewing - Today there was creating!!!
Twelve ladies gathered at Narrandera today to make a masterpiece - I was one of those twelve!
These are the raw materials I chose.

Next is the finished preparation - looking a bit like Cousin It's cousin here!

Now the hard elbow grease is applied

Checking if the elbow grease is paying off

Here I am trying to seal the edges without a seam - that huge wrinkle of excess felt is a bit of a worry...

Now I have cut the base and taken out the plastic pattern and still trying to smooth the edges!

and here is the masterpiece stretched over the shaper

and from the other side........ are you ready for the big reveal...... here goes

TAADAA!!!!!!!! My very first felted hat!!! i will be doing a bit of shaping and more felting over the net couple of days, adding some..... something anyway........ I promise it won't look like hillbilly hat but it will be a MASTERPIECE!!!

Well that's the plan anyway!!!
Have a GREAT weekend...........y'all come back now!!!
There will be further updates on the progress of this masterpiece!!


  1. Well done girl!! Very creative indeed. I must have a go at felting one of these days. And hey....leave cousin It alone.....that's what my hair looks like in the mornings! lol.
    Cheers, Anita.

  2. It's great,love the colours!


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