Sunday, 26 May 2013

I certainly Know Wgat I Have Done Today!!

When I first got up this morning I thought I had a reprieve from the gardening - not to be though. The frost and fog soon disappeared under the beautiful sunshine. So into the local market I went - bought my vegies for the week, a nice LARGE cupaccino, to the supermarket for some lunch supplies and back home just as my offsider arrived! So to work we did go!!

Yes, it was back into the vegie garden again. Little Nathan (my offsider as opposed to Nathan Paul my 30yr old son) and I did manage to work out today that although the weeds look really thick they aren't - when you get underneath them it is the tops that are spread out and lush and underneath isn't. 
And this is after the big 'weeding'!

 Amazing what the weeds covered up - we found some lovely surprises!!
Beautiful spinach - so we picked some of that!

Succulents that I was sure I had lost through neglect; parsley and asparagus; and heaps of basil.
'Black Velvet' overstayed her welcome and tempted fate once too often - she even managed to snitch a freshly planted spring onion as she was being pulled out of the vegie garden - she is now safely away from the vegie garden tied on a long leash with a kennel to sleep in, next to the damn - lots of water, heaps of green feed and company - what more could she ask for!!
Cauliflowers, spring onions, pakchoy, bok choy, spinach all planted and mulched.

And this is the next section to be cleared.
and this
and this!!

Now I am off to the shower - to get rid of the dirt and grime and hopefully beat the aches and pains. Although they set in just after lunch. But a good day otherwise and I should sleep well tonight - dreaming of all the nice fresh vegies we are going to have!!!


  1. Well you have been busy,and all the lovely fresh veg to come,great stuff.xx

  2. Super busy and what a difference weed removal makes with yummy surprises too!


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