Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Just In The Nick Of Time!!

Today is gloomy, cold and WET!!!! loving the weather here today - the fire is stoked up, soup will be bub ling away on the stove shortly and the ground is soaking up this wonderful rain.
I finally got to the vegie garden last Sunday (with the help of a 14yr old friend) and cleared the fallen branches away - it has only taken me 2 months to get the job done!!).
Remember a couple of months back I had great intentions of cleaning up this mess:

Well here it is all cleared, partly weeded, vegie bed all manured and dug up.
I can even get into the pot house (and amazingly after a couple of months neglect there are plants alive in their still!!
So by the weekend when I have bought the seedlings this bed will be all ready and moist to start planting. I am only about 5 weeks behind with my winter vegie planting. never mind it is all on track now. And my 14yr old helper is coming out again to help weed and prepare all of the big container beds for planting also. It is nice to actually see where I have been for a change!!!



  1. You have done well with your clearing and preparation. Love the felting pics too.

  2. You have been busy, your garden is looking good! Wendy


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