Tuesday, 21 May 2013

I Felted A Bit More!

After creating the Hat Masterpiece we then set about creating a scarf. A little bit more work at home and it will be ready to wear!

Laying out the 'silk' fabric - the base of the scarf. 

The raw wool fleece and pre felts placed ready for the elbow grease to be applied - the actual felting!

 Above and following are some of the other scarves ready to be felted - all very diverse. The finished products were really lovely - I think I will be doing some more of theses!!

This is my scarf after felting. It turns out the 'silk' fabric wasn't silk sand it of course didn't felt to the wool fibre so I discarded that. I am happy with the end result but will do a bit more felting of the scarf and maybe some embellishment later.
I have found the silk scarves that I ordered last year to have a go at making scarves - now that I have done one I am full of ideas to try. Today I am off to town to spend the day sewing with my mother and later this evening we will be sewing with a couple of our crafty friends. What more could I ask for!!


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  1. Your scarf and all the felting looks beautiful. Lots of lovely colours! Your hat in the previous post is pretty cute too!


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