Saturday, 25 May 2013

Best Laid Plans

I awoke to the tail end of a frost this morning and the sun starting to shine. On with the days plans thought I!! Firstly into town to buy our grand daughter a sewing machine (local Lincraft had a basic Singer for $129); then onto watch said grand daughter play Tag League (3 games today) - she scored a try in the last game because I wasn't there!!), then to buy vegie seedling for tomorrows gardening day, then home to do some other gardening and then some cooking.
This is how the day really went - Sewing Machine bought; one game of Tag league watched; seedlings bought......and that was all of my plans completed!!
Said grand daughter decided that this afternoon would be a good time for her to start sewing on her new machine. She sat through the obligatory setting up, threading, bobbin winding and stitch demonstrations and rules and then got straight into making a pillow (straight seams - good practice).

Here she is completing the first seam on her very own very new machine.

Now she is onto the borders of the cushion front.

Very happy girl! I fixed up 1 seam for her and the rest of the sewing was all her own!

The finished cushion (ma-ma made the insert too small, so next time I will be making a nigger insert for this cover and Karah will be making another cover for the small insert). This fine delicate child is the one that played 3 games of tag league this morning, got tackled and ended up on the bottom of a pile of girls, and scored a try.
I think I had the biggest score of the day - spending the afternoon with her and watching those fine long fingers create exactly what she wanted to, and then following her outside while she showed her Pa-pa and favourite uncle what she had made. She refused their generous offers of putting a brand on it (greasy thumb marks)!!! I was just a little bit proud of her effort and finished product also!
And I sat at her machine when she left and nearly finished my xmas item for May!! - that was my bonus for the day!! Photos tomorrow.
Hope your weekend is working out' just fine like mine has!!


  1. Lovely cushion.What a great way to spend an afternoon,sewing with your granddaughter.x

  2. Sounds like a great day, she did really well for her first sewing, the cushion looks lovely!

  3. What a fantastic effort by her too! She is a sewer in the making and perhaps a blogger of the future! :)

  4. I agree sounds like a lovely day, lovely pics of a proud sewer!

  5. It is always a thrill to see our young ones at the sewing machine and achieving a beautiful item. She did so well and you would have had a lovely time with her. You both should feel very proud.

  6. Looks like such a lovely Sunday together :o)


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