Saturday, 6 April 2013


I haven't actually finished anything from my list but I have been working on several items. So I will show what I have been working on.

First up is a flannel Stack'n'Whack quilt that I started several years ago. I have finally got the top together and the border on. Hopefully I will get it quilted during April.

The photos don't do it justice. It was so nice spread out on the bed in the unfinished spare bedroom that I have left it there!!

This one I have been doing for a few too many years to remember. I decided to hand quilt it which means I can only do it in daylight hours because I cannot see properly (even with my glasses on) at night. needless to say I don't get to sit and quilt very often during the daytime!! I started this for my number five baby when he was about 9 years old (he turns 21 this year - and there is a good reason to get it finished). He used to have it on his bed to sleep under as I was making it!! It was to be a floor to floor single bed quilt so it should sit on top of his queen size bed ok. I do love this quilt though - about as much as the soon to be owner!
And I have actually quilted 2 rows of blocks over the last few weeks!!!!!
This is another flannel that I have actually finished piecing the 4" blocks together on. I have even managed to start sewing on the green 1" border.

 And this is one of 2 crinoline lady cushions I have had sitting in their own sewing box for a couple of years.

These will probably go in the present box when finished as they definitely do not suit my farm house!!
As I said no actual finishes but each one is on the way to being finished!! I have been busy sewing a couple of projects tonight as part of FNWS which I will post about tomorrow.


  1. All your projects are lovely, gorgeous cuddly looking quilts. Sounds like you are making some good progress!

  2. That's a wonderful effort. You are an A+
    I'll get the link up tomorrow so everyone can see your achievements. :)

  3. Lovely quilts they look very inviting.!!!!!!!

  4. Your quilts are beautiful, the flannel looks so nice and cozy.

  5. You have shown some lovely work. Seems like you have a few hours of finishing ahead of you


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