Sunday, 7 April 2013


This is how I spent last night - my first Friday Night With Friends being organised by Cheryll at

I spent some time tonight on my Copenhagen Pillow Come Knee Rug ( - I was running in all the threads from the colour changes which required a need and the motion of going in and around the trebles - that is sewing....right!!

Haven't finished tidying it up yet (I wanted to get onto my other project for tonight) and I still have a bit more to add to it before it is actually finished!
Now onto my real sewing for FNWF. I have embroidered the lovely little Ladybug pattern that Deb R from gave me in the Valentines Initial Heart Swap back in February - and I am making another pincushion for myself (I do so love pincushions - we can never have enough can we!) 
This is the finished embroidery.

And this is the whole kit and caboodle - Deb R's pattern, my threads and the fabrics I have chosen to do the 1" squares to border it with. THANK YOU DebR!!!!


  1. Lovely colourful crocheted rug..
    How cute are the ladybugs and I just think all your fabrics colours are yummy.

  2. You managed to get lots done for FNwF's. Good for you. Love the stitchery and I'm a bit partial to crocheted items.
    Cheers, Anita.

  3. Love your crochet rug, gorgeous colours. The ladybugs stitchery is so cute, and I love the fabrics you have chosen to finish it with.

  4. Love the rug and the ladybirds.
    Very pretty fabric.x

  5. The crochet rug looks great in those colours..I'm wondering how many 1 inch squares you need to do..they are rather small..the colours will finish off your stitchery rather nicely..

  6. Love the crochet, such pretty colours!

  7. Your crocheted rug is bright...I love it! and you did a stitchery as well???? My, your fingers did the walking on Friday go girl!!! They both look great!
    sugary hugs
    Wendy :O) xo

  8. Amen to the "never enough pincushions" attitude, sister! I've just popped over to see your crocheted Copenhagen blanket,and it's amazing! Your palette of colors is so cheery and pretty, and the border sets of the blocks just right. I wish my mom could visit to tie in the loose ends for you. :)


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