Friday, 26 April 2013

Ummmm Where has April Gone and What Have I Done??

And I thought April was going to be a slower month where I would get more done!! HAHA. There have been visitors, trips away and some grotty stomach virus that came out of nowhere, stuck around for a few days and then went again.
Sooooooo.... 1 XMAS ITEM A MONTH hosted by - I did get this finished!!

This simple little wall hanging has been hanging around the xmas ufo box for quite some time - but not anymore!!
I haven't got much planned for the weekend - just relaxing, a bit of craft and a bit of gardening (if I feel like it)!


  1. oh this is so nice what a great finish,well done.xx

  2. What a great finish. Appliqué lettering looks so good.

  3. Lovely wallhanging finish and a UFO is a bonus!
    I think we need an enquiry into April and where it went?

  4. Your Christmas wallhanging is lovely!

  5. Agree April didn't seem to appear on the calendar this year. Lovely little item :-)

  6. Lovely colours and a very nice finish.


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