Thursday, 14 February 2013


Valentines Day - the day we tell the one we love that we love them - which we should be doing everyday anyway! This is how my valentines day has gone so far:
On checking my PO Box I found i had a parcel of LOVE....

This bundle of beautiful HEART goodies from Deb R at - lots of love here - and today just happened to be valentines day and the day i went into town and checked the mailbox - how good was that! A beautiful Quilt notepad, a delightful little Hatched and patched embroidery, heart choccies, heart lollipop and a beautiful little embroidered heat. Now see that tiny little pink thing that looks like a pair of pliers/tin snips - well when i took of the tiny little pink cover i had a little pair of scissors!!! The scissors are attached to the beautiful embroidered heart!
THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU Deb R!!!!!!!! Deb was my swap partner in the  initial heart swap run by Cherryl over at
The next lot of love from me is this.........

yes, the window is out....finally.....

And i am loving it because i am one BIG step closer to getting my sewing room. Just a pity i don't have the strength he males here do or the window would have been out a week ago.... truly it would have!!! Tomorrow i get to go shopping and get the gyprock and timber to close this hole up!!
I am just loving Miss Daisy - the newest addition to the household. Here she was trying to let my sons beautiful Labrador, Jessie know that she was not welcome inside the house!!! She is a wild little girl and keeps me amused during the day ( and Jessie is always welcom in my house, so Miss Daisy will just have to get used to her).

You are probably wondering what this next photo has to do with love. Well let me tell you. i was loving every minute of the scrap metal man's visit this morning. He dropped a humongous bin for the males to fill up over the next 4 weeks - tis hard for the boys but they WILL do it!!! And these 2 cars are the first of about 10 that are GOING........ yes GOING I SAY....... I said GOING!!!!!!

Now do you understand where the love is. Proceeds from this little ongoing endeavour will hopefully get the shed wired up properly - hopefully we won't be swapping cords and power points around to use the power!!

And did I share some love this week and today.... yes i did!!! This lovely Heart Pincushion is what I made for Maria ( ), who was my other swap partner in the Initial Heart Swap (thank you Cheryl for organising the swap - it has really got me back into sewing and crafting!!)
And the other bit of love I am giving today is to my husband - a pair of light weight work boots and some scratchies. Since he was very ill 2 years ago he gets very tired and his legs, feet and hips ache most of the day - so when I spotting these in our local Bunnings I thought it would be a good idea for him to try them. They are really light so hopefully they help the aches - we shall find out tomorrow after he has worn them all day!! Generous, caring and LOVE-ing little thing aren't I!!!

That's it for today - time to get some dinner going and get into some more throwing out in this back room - incentive is my sewing room!!!lol.


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  1. I'm glad you liked your presses and that you enjoyed our day. I'm going to check out those boots at Bunnings as my hubby would love a lighter boot!!


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