Sunday, 10 February 2013

A Day For Me

So today dawned and I certainly did not want to spend it doing housework - so a little shopping and window shopping was in order. As part of creating my craft room i am removing a window from one wall (it will go into another wall at a later date).
Well I have taken off the architraves , all ready to remove the window and..... who ever pit it in  jolly well put the gyprock right up to the window to hold it in.

So to find a way to cut the gyprock back to get the window out and bot wreck the whole sheet of gyprock in the process (and that would be 4 sheets there being 4 sides to the window of course!!) So this was the reason for the shopping expedition - to buy a Renovator - Multi tool

Such a handy little tool to. I can see some serious work with all of these attachments coming up - furniture fix ups, doors to be removed and replaced, tiles to be fixed and the list goes on.

From here I went window shopping - i spent the morning checking out a farm clearing sale (owner related to my daughter in law so i got the grand tour!). I think I am going to be seriously broke next weekend - if I manage to get the furniture i have earmarked!!!lol.

One wardrobe in serious need of repair and the other can go straight into use!
 These chairs are GOING TO BE MINE!!! I hope, and I can dream!!
 This cane basket is the mother of all baskets - it is a wool sorting basket from out of the shearing shed - who knows how old it is - this i will be bidding on for my daughter in law (unbeknown to my son!).

This little beauty on the left is very sturdy and solid still and really won't take a lot of work to bring it back to what it should be!! The 2 old sewing machines will join my other 5 oldies. Don't know what I am going to do with them all yet.

And this old fridge is going to find a home in our BBQ area - not as a fridge but as cupboard for all the utensils for the BBQ! And the dressing table will be used in our bedroom.
now all I need is to be the winning bidder on the whole lot, and that won't be easy because the owner is third generation and there will be a huge crowd in attendance!
And another finish and a start for February...
The cow at the back is finally finished and awaiting it's cushion insert, and i have started it's mate so that maybe another February finish - in amongst the renovating and the furniture restoration and the gardening and the housework!!!lol
have a lovely week everyone!!


  1. You and your trusty tool will be keep busy if you get all that furniture... Good Luck....

  2. wow lots of beautiful furniture there you are going to have so much fun.xx

  3. Hello Kerrie,

    Came from Maria's blog, via your heart swap.

    I am in love with your old furniture especially the chairs. You certainly have plenty of wonderful work ahead of you.

    Happy days.

  4. Has the tool been useful? Looks great! And ow did you go with the clearing sale? (I know, was a couple of months ago...I'm reading your blog


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