Friday, 12 September 2014

Oh So Spoilt Again!!!

I received a beautiful parcel of goodies today from Christine at Time Out Stitching - it was the third swap in the Let's Stitch Together Group for this year that has been organised and run by Maree.
This delightful little gift bag was full of goodies and an amazingly beautiful magazine.

'Daphne's Diary' is just a lovely magazine - one that I have not seen before - so beautifully presented with wonderful craft and cooking in it, stories about amazing homes and gardens, and exquisite push out gift tags!!! I stopped subscribing to magazine a few years ago but this is seriously tempting me to subscribe!! There was also some lovely body lotion and a chocolate bar - both required by this aging body!!!lol Plus a beautiful little handmade notebook cover that Christine bought from a local handmade market - it is lovely and a perfect size to fit into a handbag!!The hand towel they are sitting on was also one of the gifts in the bag!

Now, tell me what a beautiful lady is Christine. This lovely little tin of chocolates was also in my parcel with a tag that said 'For Karah'. Well, she was super impressed when I gave it to her - she couldn't believe that my swap partner had put a little present in for her with my swap presents. And the little tin is going to become a jewellery tin in her room - that is after she has eaten the chocolate which I have been told I am not allowed to eat whilst she is at school!!!lol!!
THANK YOU SO MUCH CHRISTINE for being such a thoughtful and caring person. Especially as Karah wants to have her own blog so she can take part in swaps also!!!
Now for something to make you all smile or laugh out loud. Whilst waiting for our dinner to be cooked in Wagga last weekend we wandered along the street window shopping and came across this suit!!! Now the MOTH is a farmer - always wears king gee work pants (grease stains and got know what other stains that do not come out in the was - often with rips and tears); what ever shirt and jumper he puts his hand on first - and these are worn to town and anywhere else he goes during the day (thankfully my sons like to be a bit more presentable when in town doing their farm business!!). he does wear better casual clothes when we go out etc.
he informed that I could buy him the suit and a pair of navy dress pants, the shirt and tie and he would wear it to Rheis' wedding (with the navy pants not the floral - thank god for small mercies). All I could do was laugh and told him he would really make a statement about his state of mind and to think what his son would think. His reply was 'Rheis and everyone but my brothers and sisters would get a laugh out of it!!!' Hmmm me thinks some one hasn't just lost his marbles the nuts bolts and cogs in that 59 year old head have seized!! So we shall wait and see if I am walking into the church as the mother of the groom with a walking flower pot or not!!! (PS I do like the jacket but was a bit stunned when my dour old farmer husband suggested it).
So on that note I will leave you all to have a wonderful weekend!!!!


  1. Hello Kerrie,

    Christine sent you some lovely gifts, Daphnes' Diary is such a lovely magazine, so different to the ones that we are used to reading. I had to smile at the suit, I first thought it was in a op-shop but saw the price. Can't imagine anyone making it let alone buying it. Would certainly brighten up someone's day.

    Have a lovely weekend.

  2. What an outstanding gift....full of so many goodies!!! And that suit did so put a smile on my face!!! I have never seen anything like that! A lovely weekend to you as well! Nicole xo

  3. What a bunch of wonderful gifts you received! And the suit is funny and pretty all at the same time. I keep seeing that fabric in a skirt or something.....

  4. wow Kerrie what a beautiful parcel to receive,lots of awesome gifts there and how special to include Karah,thats so lovely,enjoy your weekend my friend.xx

  5. Also lovely to receive beautiful gifts on the post...
    Well I must be a bit weird as I think the Floral Jacket would look great with Blue pants like your hubby said. Nice to be different....
    Enjoy your weekend too..

  6. Christine has sent you some lovely gifts, Kerrie. How lovely of her to think of Karah, too. So, are you going to buy the jacket? LOL!

  7. Gorgeous gifts...lucky the suit....LOL


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