Sunday, 7 September 2014


yesterday Greg, Karah and I packed an overnight bag and drove over to Wagga. We all needed a break away from the house and farm - it was 4 months since we brought Naomi home and we hadn't really had a break from here - it was 24 hours away from everything which we all needed. we didn't do anything startling but it was nice to be doing something different at a slow pace.
We stayed at the Beach caravan Park which is just off the main drag. I always stay here - it very quiet and peaceful and right on the edge of the Murrumbidgee River. There is a beach of sorts which is nice to spend some time on. The photo above is looking across the river on sunset with the sun behind me. There is a lot of refurbishment being done along the beach section and it will be really a really lovely relaxing area when finished. The floods that have occurred on and off over the years have taken their toll and the group formed to refurbish this area are doing a great job.

Karah and Greg walking down to the waters edge.

The river is quite low currently. Karah is checking out any sticks or shell like things that may be visible in the water - she was hoping to find some muscles or shells but no such luck!!
This old tree stump is on the edge of the playground at the top of the beach. It is anyone's guess how old this tree was when it was cut down (or fell down and then levelled with a saw). It is huge!
We did go shopping - A summer wardrobe at KMart for Karah; checked out the masters store and their range of kitchen and bathroom displays - we have some renovations to do in both houses. And of course we went to Bunnings over there - they have a fabulous garden section and of course we had to buy heaps - vegies mostly. I have been spending a couple of hours each day in our vegie garden which has been sadly neglected over the last 12 months - so we spent a couple of hours this afternoon when we got home planting. We have the first of our summer vegies in - tomatoes, capsicums, onions, carrots, cauliflowers, broccoli, corn and Karah's favourites - Brussell Sprouts.
Have great week!!


  1. Hi Kerri what a beautiful place to relax,so glad you got the chance to do it,you all needed a break.Cant wait to see all those vegies that are going to come out of your garden.xx

  2. What a peaceful, lovely way to spend a weekend. I love those slow, kick-back and enjoy doing nothing days! Happy week ahead - XOXO

  3. what a nice spot...............I love it beside a big country river like that................

  4. Sounds like a lovely little get away, Kerrie.

  5. Sounds like a wonderful spot and some shopping to top it all off :o)

  6. Beautiful spot pleased you were able to get away for just a little while....

  7. So nice to see you had a lovely getaway.....See you in Bathurst!

  8. I feel so relaxed just seeing your pictures :) That sounds like great therapy for you and your family to have a little time away and to plant some new things. Very nice. xx debbie

  9. What a pretty spot! A break away always helps to recharge the batteries.


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