Friday, 28 March 2014


I recently participated in a 'Skinny Pinny Swap' organised by Amy on her blog Amy Made That!
This is what I received last week from Teri
Such a lovely bundle of swap goodies!! 2 flannel hankies with beautiful crochet edges (these are now Teri's signature gifts!); 2 transfer packs; a lovely little note pad and of course the exquisite Skinny Pinny. I just love this Pinny - look at the tiny little patchwork squares!

And this is the sweet embroidery on the front

and on the back is my name - no one can claim it as theirs at sewing days !!!! lol
Thank you so much Teri - such a lovely surprise parcel to receive!!
And this is the Skinny Pinny I made for Rachel at

It is the first skinny pinny I made and I added a little mat to go under the sewing machine to keep it in place. Thank you Amy for your time and effort in organising this swap. If you are on Flickr (I have just joined up so I can see all the fabulous skinny pinnies!!!) here is the link to the group - pop over and check them all out!!!


  1. Oh Kerrie, I can't tell you how happy I am that you love your Skinny Pinny Pincushion and other treats. I have had to lay in the shadows long enough waiting forever for that package to get from me to you! I just love the Pinny and mat that you made and sent to your partner, Rachel. I must have spent a week trying to decide whether or not to make a mat to go with your Pinny, I think you were very clever to make the mat and it's probably needed to keep that rascal from running around. I do give these hankies as gifts to many of my friends and family and I always make one request... DON'T SAVE IT! USE IT! Put it in your purse or pocket and enjoy it. Don't hide it away in the drawer with your dainty things and unmentionables! They are very durable and make great wipes for glasses and they are the best friends when you just need something to hold on to. I think that it would be wonderful if one day, someone tells me that they've worn out their hankie and they need another one. I would be so honored. I hope you and your Mum enjoy them for years to come. I'm so glad I had you as my very first swap partner.

  2. What a lovely swap. Both skinny pinnies are gorgeous.

  3. Oh Kerrie....that is just so what you made for Rachel

  4. Wow what wonderful gifts sent and received Kerri ,looks like a fun swap.xx

  5. Thanks to you and all the other wonderful skinny girls! This was my first time organizing a swap, and I'm looking forward to the next one in May, for needle books. Isn't it fun to meet such sweet people who love friends and fabrics? Enjoy your pinnie and presents!

  6. Looks like such a fun swap. Love both those skinny pinnies. What a lovely comment from Teri too.

  7. I was scanning the picture closely looking for the pinny....apron as I thought. ha ha . Both the pinnys are lovely, what a great swap.

  8. LOL at first I thought you meant skinny aprons! I looove the skinny pinny and I love yours with the extension of a little mat. I may need to make some for gifts.! Ofcourse, I shall have to make one for myself as I love collecting pincushions.

  9. How cute they both are. It will be perfect in front of your sewing machine.


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