Friday, 21 March 2014


Phew!!! Isn't the year passing by so very quickly. Although I have been occupied with mum I have been reading everyone's blogs and keeping up with the GDITC & Lets Get Stitched weekends, all of the wonderful photos and posts of all the swaps, blog hops, and the planting and harvesting around the world (and the renovating). I just haven't been posting comments as I truly haven't had the time. And I must thank all of my lovely followers who have been commenting on my posts - I think I have answered each of you but if I haven't it isn't because I am rude - I really appreciate your support.
I spent last night at home - mum is now well enough to be on her own occasionally at night. And my comfy bed was so comfy!! On Wednesday mum turned 82 years old (along with the Sydney Harbour Bridge). At sewing on Tuesday night we had Choc Chip Muffins with very thick cream as a birthday treat!!
I was a bit greedy and had 2 of these - well, they were just so yummo!!!
I have been busy sewing while at mums - yes, actually sewing!!!.We are attending 2 markets in town over Easter and I needed some little gifts for a few friends so I have been busy making sun glass cases, hand towels and face washers!!

Hand towels and face washers. I usually put a hand made goats milk soap with the face washers when giving as a gift. And the hand towels made from tea towels great sellers on our stall and always a welcome gift - great as an extra add in!

The same can be said for the glasses cases - can never make enough of these - and apart from protecting your glasses they also make it easy to find them in your bag!
And these are what I have left to do.
I planned to call in at a number of shops and nurseries on my way back from Yass last Sunday but left later than I thought I would so I only managed to call in at the 'Which Craft Coffee Shoppe' at Murrumburrah. If you are travelling through you MUST stop in here - I stop in on every trip.
It is an old house that has been renovated and every room is full to the brim with handmade crafts items - and even the hallways have been stocked!!

Look at those felted bags - just beautiful. There are gifts for all ages and genders!

8 rooms of crafty goodness and 2 hallways!!

Plus they have a little dining room with one wall stocked with preserves etc. You can sit down and enjoy a lovely light lunch or a Devonshire tea!!
And I have forgotten to take a photo of what I bought so you will have to wait until next time to see that!! I am busy watering up my garden (because the males are just soooooooo busy or they may have forgotten how to turn the pump on or where the taps are!!) trying to save what is alive as there has been no watering here for a few weeks.
Tomorrow we are off to Temora to attend a family wedding which will be a nice break. There is also a new patchwork shop there that I hope is open on the weekend!!
Until next time


  1. I hope your mum had a wonderful birthday and those muffins look so good how could you not have a second.

  2. Happy Birthday to your mum! Hope it was a lovely day for her. That
    cupcake looks awful yummy, no wonder you had to have 2. Great
    pics of the shop full of goodies, being in a house gives it more charm...
    and makes you want to buy! lol
    Cheers, Anita.


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