Sunday, 16 March 2014


Just popping in to say hello! I have spent the last week staying with mum as she has been ill again. My sister and I have been sharing the staying week about. In the last six months mum has been ill more often tan not and each time she is ill her comeback is not as good. Her P is now looking into her heart further as her stamina is not good and her memory is getting worse. It has been exhausting this time as I have been cleaning out her pantry and cupboards which she hasn't done for quite a while - the 5 big black garbage bags of rubbish tells me that!
This is Lucy - mums new best friend. Since her dog 'Belle'' had to be put down last year due to old age problems, mum has been lonely and frightened at night on her own. She thought she might like to get another dog for company and security. Isaac's dog had a litter of puppies and she decided she would like one - Lucy is a Labrador (small, fine framed golden mother) x Sharpei/Staffy (brindle, small frame father) - the black comes from the grandparents!!. All of the puppies are so very gentle, quiet and we are finding very intelligent. Lucy is very spoilt - an indoor dog she sleeps in her basket in mums room, and is always at her feet or beside her on the lounge. She is proving to be just what mum needed - a great companion pet!
Finally got a 4 Generation photo with my eldest son Adam and his children Lachlan & Abbey. So now I have the 4 generation photos with the 4 eldest who all have children. I am thinking I may have to do a 3 generation one with Isaac and photo shop in the children as they come along!!! lol!!! We will get a 3 generation photo - we just don't know how long we will have mum with us.
I had seven hours with this little man yesterday (my arms, shoulders, neck and knees tell me so). Oliver is nearly 7 months old - time is passing by so quickly.
And this little man came to visit yesterday also - Ruben turned 2 yesterday - time has disappeared with him also!!

This morning I drove to Yass - Abbey and Lachlan are riding in a Corporate Team Penning event and They asked me to come and watch them. The Yass Show is also on so I had a little wander around the pavilion this afternoon and positively drooled over the coloured fleece section. Just look at the gorgeous colours - my fingers were itching to run through them (I didn't of course). Visions of spinning and felting sprang to my mind immediately.
Not much else has happened in my life - no gardening or crafting or cooking - oh well, I am actually enjoying the 'down time'' with mum and there will be plenty of time for myself  in the future.
I did start to sort and organise mum's sewing/craft/painting - well I have been having second thoughts about that - it is a big job - don't think she realised how much she had. It will all be in one room, neatly stored in labelled containers and placed on shelves. She is sitting back letting me get into a mess and trying to work my way out of it!!
Heading home tomorrow after lunch - a couple of stops at nurseries, a craft sop and 2 fabric shops are in order on the way. Not to buy of course - just looking!!!


  1. Hi Kerrie...that little Lucy is just gorgeous, how lovely for your Mum to have such a sweet companion now when she needs it so much. Love all your family photos too. Do you spin and felt (when you have a chance) or were you daydreaming? Don't forget to show us what you "only looked at " in those shops on the way home :)

  2. Hi Kerrie, Lucy will be wonderful for your Mum. Lovely photos of the family. My mum has dropped the hint she wants a portrait of all of us this year for her birthday. I really should do something about it as the last one was done when Nelson was in kinder. He's now in year 8!

  3. I'm so sorry to hear your mother is still not doing much better and I hope the doctors will be able to figure out what is wrong soon and that she will be getting much better. The photo with the four generations is very nice and the ones of the babes are just precious. Yes, the time really does fly! Be blessed, friend!

  4. Angel hugs to you. It is very hard being a carer and you need to make sure you look after yourself. My thoughts are with you and I hope your mum is okay. It is good to see she has such a loving devoted companion. I am sure it makes you feel better knowing she has that cute dog. Take care.

  5. Beautiful photos. How wonderful for Lucy to get such a wonderful new owner, I'm sure she will be spoilt rotten. Hugs to you both.


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