Monday, 3 March 2014

Clearing The Sinuses!!!!!!

Suffering from blocked Sinuses - well I have the answer!!!!!
Spent the day making relish - fumes from the vinegar as it heats and melts the sugar has worked a treat for me today!!

Beetroot Relish coming to the boil..........

Beetroot Relish finished and bottled!! I have never tasted Beetroot Relish - so why did I make it?  For Land Cookery judging on Wednesday at CWA. And, my guess is, I will be tasting Beetroot Relish..... sometime in the near future!!
Now this is for the really creative side of me. On the left is the water and skins after boiling the beetroot. On the right is the left photo after I have whizzed it!!! Sometime through the night I am going to bring it to the boil again, add some salt and dunk some fabric and some wool yarn in it!! We will see how it turns out.......
And this is my Carrot and Lemon Jam ready to start cooking - it is now in the chook bucket because I walked away for a moment (just a teensy moment) and it caught - so now what tasted really lovely doesn't!!
And this is what I received on Saturday to do some work on. The Branch effort in the Handcraft competition on Wednesday is a wall hanging with the theme 'Water'. My section is the grapes on the bottom - they have now been appliqued on and quite heavily beaded - a very lush bunch of grapes!! I will post a photo of the finished after I take a photo on Wednesday. four members must work on the branch effort so lucky me doesn't have to do the quilting or binding!! It is of course a Dethridge Wheel (commonly know as the Water Wheel) that used to move the water around our irrigation area (they now have some new thing called a Doppler - it has no character at all); and of course the produce of or area is depicted within the wheel.
So that has been my weekend and today. tomorrow  I will be busy getting everything together to take to the judging day as I am the Land Cookery officer for our Group - nothing like getting organised at the last minute!!!



  1. oh what a shame about your carrot and lemon jam it sounded very yummy kerrie.xx

  2. God old vinegar....all looks great, bummer about the jam...

  3. Never heard of carrot and lemon jam but it would be nice if one didn't burn it lol. The beetroot relish sounds yummy.


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