Monday, 14 October 2013

Tree Change Stitching!!

Sunday morning saw me up at 6am bright eyed and bushy tailed to do the 2 hour drive to Wagga for the 'Urban Stitches Tree Change' and to meet bloggy friend Simone.
And here we all are getting stuck right in.
Bloggy friend Simone and I; It was lovely to meet you Simone,I am looking forward to meeting up again at Bathurst in November!! Oh and the coffee table - I liked that after travelling 2 hours without breakfast!!

The 3 projects for the workshop. Most of the crafty ladies got right in and
worked on one project all day, others did a bit on each of the projects. One crafty person
was too busy socialising to get much done at all!

The 'social' crafty person (who has channelbanks in her life) did do a little stitching and here is the proof!!

And here are some of the items in our goodie bags along with the 3 project kits (book, magazine, scissors, iron on pelon and interfacing, fabrics), plus some of the purchases from the Mulberry tree shop (the ones that this crafty person was not going to buy!!)
here is my friend Dorothy intently watching as Rosalie demonstrates!

Bloggy friend Simone, Rosalie Quinlan and the social person!
And of course a yummy lunch!!

And how beautiful are these embroidered blocks - one of the Wagga ladies brought this along for 'show & tell' but didn't 'show & tell'. She did show all of us at our table which created a lot of interest and of course Rosalie seen them and they were shown and told to everyone then. The work in these blocks was just amazing - a very talented lady!!
many thanks to Rosalie Quinlan, Mel from 'Melly & Me'' and the quiet and unassuming Jodi from 'RicRac' for a fabulous day of crafting and friendship.
There were other purchases made on our trip home today (especially by the social one who wasn't going to buy anything!!) - I will show these in another post!! (and amazingly they weren't all craft/sewing purchases either!!


  1. thankyou for sharing your wonderful day Kerrie,hi Simone.xx

  2. It is sew nice to spend time with crafty friends, chatting, eating , drinking, shopping and getting a LITTLE stitching done too...
    Pleased you had a great time.

  3. Oh Wow......looks like the most perfect day.......great photos....

  4. looks like a great day...........nice projects....lovely that you got to meet Simone and we'll all get to meet up in less then a month............can't wait...........

    Did you meet the right Jodie............quiet and unassuming???? Must be another

  5. Ohh soo jealous!!! Was debating on going to this one, but is a long way!!!

  6. I was so good to meet you Kerrie. It was a great day and yes your pictures are much better then mine. See you in Bathurst!


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