Thursday, 17 October 2013


After our day at Urban Stitches in Wagga, Dorothy & I came via Temora to call in and check out Patchwork Heaven. The shop is for sale but if it doesn't sell by 30th November it will be closed.
'Just looking' ended up 'just buying' of course. When I go to the blog meet in Bathurst I AM NOT TAKING MY WALLET OR CREDIT CARDS!!!!!!
Anyone would think I am Crazy for Hexies!!!!
I am crazy for pincushions so these kits found a new home (my to do box!!)
Two of these are made with hexies!!

And more hexies - 2 little hexie Purse Kits, 2 hexie templates and a packet of
500 x 1" hexie papers.

So with all those little hexies I needed some fabrics - well these little fat 16ths packs were in need of a new home also - (once a homemaker always a homemaker)!!!
I am thinking hexies are my newest favourite thing!!
This evening mum and I went for a drive and visited our baby Oliver.
And here we are - 4 generations of us. Myself (the hexie lover), Rheis (my No 3 son / No4 child) and my mother). Mum is really good physically now but it will be a slow road with the memory. I have told her she is lucky because although she may have forgotten the the good, bad and ugly from the past she only has to think about today and tomorrow now!! She laughed and thought that was a good thing!! Her memory is improving gradually and we have lots of laughs.
We have been going out visiting and window shopping each day this week, and mum thinks it is always a good idea to go the shopping mall here and have a cup of coffee and something to eat before we go home - she loves her coffee and this is the first week in 5 that she has wanted one!! Having a donut / slice / cheesecake with the coffee is a good thing right??
A busy weekend ahead - market on Saturday and then Sunday is a day at my home in my garden - it has been neglected for the last 4 weeks and is very dry, full of weeds, long lawn etc - so it will be a full on day.


  1. Hello Kerrie,

    Love the hexie patterns, lots of hand stitching in between gardening. Great to have 4 generations of the family together, it is a lovely photo.

    Happy days.

  2. Great buys I love hexies so addictive,lovely family photo.

  3. you certainly are going to be busy with hexies Kerrie,i have heard that they are addictive,lol,and what a lovely family pic,have a lovely weekend my friend.xx

  4. Your new goodies look lovely and that is a great family photo!

  5. You will be busy, but how could you resist ...lovely photo, your Mum looks happy, that's the main thing.


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