Friday, 11 October 2013


I have spent the last 2 days helping to set up the exhibit pavilion at the Leeton Show - I am the Cookery Steward - Leeton is a half hour drive from the town where I live.
This show is the last of my show 'fixes' for this year. Lol!!! I really do enjoy helping the committees and love the atmosphere as the sideshows, events and exhibits roll in and set up!
Following are some of my favourites from today.
Pre-schoolers Decorated Arrowroot Biscuits
always so creative - lol!!

The rose entries at the show are just stunning - if only I could get my bushes covered
with flowers like these - of course if I had these varieties it would be a good start.
the only entry in the Biggest Weed class - this Scotch Thistle (oops!!! quick edit here!!) stood about 10 feet high -
a very nurtured 'weed'!!!

I have to learn to weld - I have so many ideas for the junk around our shed but no one
to do the welding!!!
Spending the day with mum tomorrow - my turn on the 'mum sitting'; then early Sunday morning a friend I are of to 'Urban Stitches' in Wagga. Really looking forward to this day and also meeting Simone from Quilting Is My Downtime.


  1. lol i was just about to say Simone is going there also ,have lots of fun Kerrie cant wait to see what you make.xx

  2. WOW that bathurst burr is huge...........thank goodness they don't get that big in the paddock...........I love country shows.........
    have a great time at wagga........will be lovely to meet Simone.........give Miss Ric Rac a hug from me............

  3. Arrowroot decorations....LOL..don't you just love these....Have fun with Simone...

  4. I love the weed entrant - looked painful to carry in though!


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