Tuesday, 22 October 2013


Last weekend was the Garden Festival here in Griffith. Sunday morning I took mum to one of the gardens (too hot to do any more, but there were 8 open for inspection). Everywhere you looked there were roses!!

Below is the beginning of the telegraph pole (or power pole) Wisteria Walk!!
All sorts of wild creatures!!
One of the feature corners!

Another of the wildlife!

And showing off your collectibles!!

This garden is only 4 years old - lots of money and time spent getting it going and maintaining - I can only dream!!!!!
Tonight I am at home for the first time in a week - mum is spending her first night on her own. We are going to do every second night with her and see how she goes. It is so good to see her getting back to her old self. Even her memory has improved a little which is really making her happy!
Now to get my place cleaned and tidied up - not being here for 4 weeks has taken it's toll!! I have days of weeding and mowing and mulching ahead of me, and planting!! But it will have to wait until the house is back in order - even though there has been only one person here it needs a thorough spring clean!! I have no reason to be bored for the next week!! 
But first I am going to send a couple of hours reading all of the blogs that I haven't had time to do - maybe a couple of hours tonight and another couple tomorrow night - I need to catch up on what everyone has been up to!!


  1. Hello Kerrie,

    Oh that garden of roses is so lovely. Not to keen on that tin reptile though.
    Have fun in your garden.

    Happy days.

  2. thankyou for sharing the beautiful garden pics with us,just stunning and so glad your mum is on the mend.xx

  3. The garden is gorgeous, lovely photos! Hope all is going well with your mum.

  4. Good to hear your mum is feeling better. The roses are beautiful. I used to grow heaps when I lived in Southern California. I always had cut ones in every single room in the house. No luck with them since I've moved to Queensland though. It's too damp...they go mouldy...oh well. xx debbie

  5. Sounds like your Mum is improving well, best wishes. The garden looks amazing, love the iron sheep.


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