Sunday, 29 July 2012


After a busy week gathering rubbish from within the houses and around the yard I was looking forward to a short break away on the weekend. We headed off to Moama at some ungodly hour yesterday morning for the AGM of Aust Tractor Pull Assoc. Not my favourite pastime, but my husband is the manager/coordinator for a Modified Tractor Pull here in Griffith, which is part of the National Circuit. After sitting in the meeting for most of yesterday I was starting to go stir crazy both mentally and physically, so we went across the river to Echuca to have a walk around. There happened to be a Blues festival on so our walk was most enjoyable. Of course I didn't have my camera with me!!
I also knew there was a market on this morning in the gardens on the river in Moama. So guess where we went straight up this morning. A big market compared to what we have around here.

This is the beginning walkway which leads down to another walkway.

looking across the centre from one direction. horse rides for the littlies, and a vocalist for the oldies!

Another view across the centre entertainment area. If you look to the top you can see heaps of stalls way over behind the entertainment area. We found everything from plants, tools, home preserves, hand crafts of all kinds, commercial stands - just about everything you can think off.

After an hour wandering , looking and chatting with stallhoders we headed home, stopping in Deniliquin on the way. Deni has a beautiful lagoon and gardens in their main street. It was one of my favourite places when we lived their many years ago and I always do a drive by whenever I am passing through. Today I took a couple of photos.

This is taken at the southern end.

This is taken from the main street looking west. It is a peaceful garden to wander around or sit in.
from here we headed off to Conargo, stopping to take this photo. The Deni Ute Muster site - this takes place on the october long weekend every year and has broken many records for the number of utes at one event. This year there will be a Modified Tractor Pull along with the usual events.

It is a very impressive gateway and cannot be missed being on the edge of the main road. Onto Jerilderie we went. I wanted to stop in at the lagoon here as I hadn't stopped here for quiet a few years. How lucky were we to stop when a swan family were having a wander on the grass.

a verty proud and protective dad - he chased a duck into the water and across to another bank!.

Not very good on their feet on dry land they proved they were very good on the water a few minutes later! After a light lunch we continued home.
we went into where our miniature horse and ponies are living at the moment to have a look at a foal born early this morning. Such a beautiful little thing (only 14" at the top of shoulder!!). Very friendly little thing and was happy to be picked up and cuddles. Mum is very affectionate and quiet also.

A pretty little filly who is yet to be name.

And this is... what I am enjoyinh whilst I am writing this post!! A nice cup of tea (have had way too much coffee over the weekend), a lamington (an order from a school lamington drive which was waiting for me when I arrived home this afternoon) and one of the strawberries I bought this evening when I did the groceries (it was on the bench telling me I needed it).
A nice finish to a relaxed weekend!!

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